Traditional 3.5
klassik ligature LC31P

V21 3.5
klassik ligature LC31P

Traditional 3
M/O ligature

Traditional 3
M/O ligature

Korean saxophonist CHOI JAE-MOON earned his bachelor’s degree from Mokwon University and completed his Master’s of Music degree from Yonsei University.
He was awarded second prize in the Yongsan Art Hall Chamber Music Competition and was a third prize-winner of the Music Association of Korea Competition.
He has performed widely across South Korea including engagements with The Seoul philhamonic Orchestra, Korean National Chorus, Si-heung Orchestra, Korean Symphony Orchestra, Suwon Philharmonic Orchestra, Daejeon Philharmonic Orchestra, and Ditto Orchestra. He has also performed with the Yonsei Saxophone Ensemble and Yang-ju Wind Orchestra.
Choi Jae-Moon is a member of the COLOSAX Quartet, Project S Saxophone ensemble with TAEYOUNG KIM
He is currently professor of saxophone at Mokwon University and Chunnam National University, Korean Baptist Theological University. He also teaches at the Woosong College Saxophone Academy, Daejeon Art High School, Kaywon Art High School, and Chungnam Art High School.
Choi Jae-Moon is an artist-in-residence at Daejeon Art Center.
He has been holding an annual recital, whilst also striving to nurture the junior scholars.