Clarinet Concorde


The <Clarinet Concord> brings together four of the island republic’s finest clarinet players hailing from diverse, colorful backgrounds united in a singular purpose of bringing quality chamber music, focused through the lens of a multiracial asian perspective. The group is made up of Yoko Liu and Li Xin from the Singapore Symphony Orchestra and Desmond Chow and Satsuki Goh from The Philharmonic Winds. 

Since its inception, the <Clarinet Concord> has been extremely active; from recitals at Yamaha and the Flute And Music Academy to performing as invited artists at the inaugural Singapore Woodwind Festival, the Esplanade Concourse, outreach performances and engagement concerts at public schools and institutions, the group’s performances have been well received and described by many as ‘mesmerizing’ and ‘truly resplendent’.

In a bid to extend their repertoire beyond the established for the clarinet quartet, the < Clarinet Concord > continuously seeks to renew interests and interactions with the clarinet instrument amongst the general public and music lovers alike. These are done with the commissioning of new or popular arrangements where recent forays into movie soundtracks and pop arrangements met with rave reviews and a fast burgeoning fan base. The Clarinet Concord hopes to bring their music and the message of musical renewal into neighboring countries and ignite a regional musical zeitgeist with the wonderful sounds of the clarinet.