Born on August 2, 1980 in Seoul, played as a keyboardist at church since young, and wanted to be a musician when was in high school, but it didn’t work out due to parent’s dissent.

First started Saxophone in the army when was 20 years old, a little late, so practiced really hard and tried hard. 


Starting with the house band of MBC’s program “Gagya” in 2004, worked with various musicians. I participated in live concerts, broadcasts, and albums by famous Korean singers (Park Sang-min, Shim Soo-bong, Kim Bum-soo, Park Jung-hyun, Big Bang, and many others), and appeared in music programs at major stations such as KBS <Open Concert, Immortal Songs> and MBC <I’m a Singer>. After that, went to the Graduate School of Practical Music, obtained a master’s degree, and lectured at various high schools and universities. 

In particular, served as the head of the brass part department for 12 years at the Seoul Practical Music High School and trained many students.


Ten years ago, I started my career as a solo artist under the name of “Lukas” in 2013. Starting with <Someday in Autumn>, released eight single albums, one full-length album <LuKas’ Diary>, and one gospel album <The Blessing>. I am active not only in Korea but also abroad. Since March 2014, various activities have been carried out in Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Nagoya, various concert halls, K-pop festivals, and concerts. In 2015, I performed three individual performances at Red clay theater in Atlanta, starting with my first showcase performance in LA. 


I am also working as a producer as well as a saxophonist. In 2016, I participated as an arranger for singer Hwang Chi-yeol on the Chinese program “I’m a Singer” and produced two albums for Japanese gospel singer “Migiwa”. Currently, am a band master of singers Park Sang-min and Min Hae-kyung and an artist of the Cosmos musical instrument brand. 


I’ll do his best as Vandoren’s artist with a hope that my music will be a source of comfort for those who are having a hard time and a source of hope for those who have given up their lives. 

Thank you.