Lorente Miguel Ángel

Miguel Ángel Lorente commence l’étude du saxophon […]


One of the well-known references in Spain on the curren […]

Garcia Francisco Antonio

“Throughout, and in the closing minute-and-a-half solo […]

Mollica Antonino

Incarnant à la fois les écoles française et italienne d […]

Zymla Tomasz

Tomasz Żymła is a clarinetist (specialism: bass clarine […]

Abramovitz Eric

Eric Abramovitz joined the Toronto Symphony Orchestra i […]

MacMurchy John

It’s an honest sound that John uses to converse w […]

Tozzola Sebastian

Bass clarinetist, bassist and composer from Buenos Aire […]

Medina David

David Medina, clarinetist formed in the famous Venezuel […]

Borowicz Barbara

Barbara Borowicz graduated with honors from the Academy […]