Tarantino Alexa

Alexa Tarantino is an award-winning, vibrant, young jazz saxophonist, woodwind doubler, composer, and educator. Alexa’s“lovely, ardent way of improvising,” and “sharply plotted but gracefully unencumbered straight-ahead jazz [compositions]” (Giovanni Russonello, The New York Times)establish her individual voice which shines through as a dynamic performer and educator. Tarantino has played prestigious venues such as the Umbria […]

Ferreira Wesley

One of the prominent clarinetists of his generation, Wesley Ferreira has been praised by critics for his “beautiful tone” and “technical prowess” (The Clarinet Journal) as well as his “remarkable sensitivity” (CAML Review). Fanfare Magazine notes, Ferreira is “clearly a major talent.” As a recital clarinetist, his performances continually engage audiences, provoking the Artistic Director […]

Guy-Rousseau Renaud

Parisien né en 1990, passionné par la pratique de l’orchestre, Renaud est depuis 2013 clarinette basse solo à l’Orchestre National de France. Après ses études aux Lilas avec Michel Bernier, il intègre le CRR de Paris dans la classe de Richard Vieille puis obtient son prix au CNSM de Paris dans celles de Philippe Berrod […]

Lorente Miguel Ángel

Miguel Ángel Lorente commence l’étude du saxophone avec Enrique de Tena au Conservatoire de Getafe (Madrid), sa ville natale. Il obtient son Diplôme Supérieur avec la qualification de « Matrícula de Honor » au Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid avec Manuel Miján en 2005. Il poursuit ses études de Perfectionnement au CNR de Lyon avec […]


One of the well-known references in Spain on the current clarinet quartet scene. It`s composed of Josep Arnau, Pablo Fernández, Justo Sanz and Salvador Salvador.  They are dedicated and experienced musicians from a wide musical background, ranging from symphonic to chamber quarter music as well as in the academic field. Their first concert was onJanuary […]

Garcia Francisco Antonio

“Throughout, and in the closing minute-and-a-half solo of this five-and-a-half-minute piece, Garcia is indeed impressive with his control of dynamics, repid intervals, quick articulation, and the natural and musical ease with wich he ejecutes multiphonics and other extended technique.  Mort d’Antigone and its stunning performance is a high point of this release”. – WilliamNichols. The Clarinet, […]

Mollica Antonino

Incarnant à la fois les écoles française et italienne du saxophone, Antonino MOLLICA est aujourd’hui un soliste dynamique et complet, ayant un répertoire très large allant de la transcription à la musique contemporaine, en passant par les musiques improvisées et la création. Né en 1980 à Messine (Sicile) où il obtient en 2001 le Diplôme […]

Zymla Tomasz

Tomasz Żymła is a clarinetist (specialism: bass clarinet), connected with the Katowice Academy of Music. He is currently pursuing a doctoral study there, on top of which he also teaches clarinet, chamber music, and contemporary music performance. Tomasz is a teacher at interpretation courses for wind instruments in Jastrzebie Zdroj and Duszniki Zdroj. Having graduated […]

Abramovitz Eric

Eric Abramovitz joined the Toronto Symphony Orchestra in 2018 as Associate Principal and E-flat Clarinet, and was previously a member of the Nashville Symphony Orchestra. Eric was named the Vandoren Emerging Artist of the year in 2017, and a CBC Next! artist in 2013.  A first-prize winner at the OSM Standard Life Competition in 2011, […]

MacMurchy John

It’s an honest sound that John uses to converse with the listener. Nothing is hidden. It’s all there on the table. Heart. Experience. Pleasure. Life.” -Sheldon Zandboer John MacMurchy is a performer, composer and recording artist based in Toronto. A woodwind player, John concentrates on clarinet, tenor saxophone and baritone saxophone and is fluent in […]