Ramsay Neal


A self-stylized musician, Neal Ramsay has many times been described as a “saxophone crusader”. As a performer he commands a highly versatile technique combined with the imagination to put that technique to good use!
His recitals combine the traditional classic saxophone repertoire with his own transcriptions of classical pieces originally written for other instruments … jazz pieces and rags … and an ever increasing number of works he is commissioning from contemporary composers — for a wide range of performers in a wide range of styles.
One of Neal Ramsay’s trademarks is his tone quality. The Boston Globe describes it as “covering a range from flute-like to that of a gutsy cello but always with crystal clarity.” He attributes his sound, in part, to his own reed design and mouthpieces made for him by master craftsman David Hite.
As well as dazzling sophisticated concert goers with his multifaceted recitals, Neal serves as an inspiration and role model for young aspiring musicians through his presentations in schools and universities. He is also an advisor and clinician for Vandoren.