Torkashvand Majid


Majid Torkashvand plays the OPTIMUM SL3 mouthpiece, the baritone B25 mouthpiece, with Vandoren Traditional reeds

Alto, Tenor, soprano, baritone saxophone player

Date of birth: 1974

Occupation: civil engineer

Artist of the Jupiter World Company


Skills and background:

Learning saxophone playing with well-known instructor, Mr. Parviz Shahbazi.

Cooperating with famous Iranian pop singers for about 27 years and playing with about 36 singers and artists which is still continuing.


Professional background:

1٫Member of IRIB pop orchestra for 5 years

2٫Attending in several music festivals

3٫Playing in concerts in different countries such as Malaysia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan along with well-known singers.

4٫Being instructor in valid music schools such as Sorna , Piccolo , Zafar and Milad

5٫Training about 60 students who some of them are playing in famous orchestras

6٫Head and player of Sorna pop orchestra

7٫Music tutoring by the newest teaching methods

8٫Playing in several music albums