Vandojam : it's 20 years already!

Since 2002, this great monthly event for all jazz lovers made several jazz clubs vibrate all over the world. It has made people discover new talents and has promoted great jazz musicians, Vandoren artists, who have written the story of this event. We sincerely thank them for all these special musical moments. We are proud to celebrate this anniversary with several events in France and abroad this year. Back to these 20 years of jazz passion!

The Vandojam, what is it?

It is organized regularly in a jazz club, in France and abroad, and is divided into two stages:

– A first “concert” part which honors Vandoren artists accompanied by a rhythmic session

– A second part “jam session”, which is open to all musicians who wish to come and play with our artists.

Each Vandojam is dedicated to a particular jazz theme and is led by a Vandoren artist.

Parisian beginnings

In 2002, the first Vandojams were organized every first Thursday of the month in Paris, at the “Autour de minuit” club, located in Montmartre, near the historic address of the legendary showroom at 56 rue Lepic.

From 2004, it takes place at the “Sunset Sunside” jazz club, located in rue Lombards, in the heart of Parisian jazz life. This is the start of a long collaboration.

Animated since its beginnings by Michael Cheret, Vandoren artist, the Vandojam aims to be universal: it is a good compromise bringing together both professionals and amateurs around a common passion.

The Vandojam in the USA and worldwide

From 2004, as a very successful event in France, the Vandojam expanded in New York. After having taken place at the very electronic “Knitting Factory” club in its early days, the Vandojam and its leader Mark Gross moved to the Iguana.

This restaurant, located in front of the New York showroom (Vandoren Musician’s Advisory Studio) quickly proved to be the ideal address for the monthly event. The musical quality of the Vandojam is quickly recognized worldwide. To date, many other cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, London, Mexico City, Berlin, Brussels, Oslo, Montreal and Lyon have been able to benefit from it.

Back to the Parisian anniversary night!

That was on last May, 10th, in the wonderful Jazz Club Etoile in Paris: the first concert of the Vandojam’s anniversary world tour! The evening has featured exceptional artists who have sublimated the Vandojam all over the world since its birth in 2002: we particularly thank Michael Cheret, Mark Gross, Baptiste Herbin, Felix Peikli, Eric Prost, Olivier Temime, and Reiner Witzel, accompanied during that night by Viktor Nyberg (double bass), Frédéric Nardin (piano) and Malte Arndal (and Justin Faulkner) (drums), as well as all people who came to share the stage with them.