Ligature Carbon pour Saxophone

La nouvelle ligature “CARBON”, grâce à son extrême légèreté, n’interfère pas avec la vibration de l’anche et ne remplit qu’un seul rôle, celui de maintenir l’anche sur le bec. Une ligature en fibres de carbone, d’une exceptionnelle résistance à l’allongement et à la fatigue Sur le plan de la sonorité, la ligature s’efface totalement pour […]

Braquart Philippe

Saxophoniste, professeur et compositeur Après des études au Conservatoire Supérieur de Musique de Paris terminées par un premier prix en 1988, il obtient plusieurs prix internationaux de Musique de Chambre ( Martigny, Ilzaach) avec le quatuor de saxophones DIASTEMA et enregistre plusieurs disques sous les labels Naxos (saxophone classics et french saxophone quartets) et Ames (d’Ouest en Est […]


The standard mouthpiece for salsa, rock and modern music.

Quad Pack (4 reeds)

A small transparent case designed to hold 4 of your reeds Convenient with a very compact design, it easily fits in a pocket or instrument case. Grooved compartments provide air circulation.

Leung Jacky

 Jacky Leung is one of the most active young classical and pop Hong Kong-born saxophonists. In 2016, he was the first saxophonist who got a full scholarship from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund (Local Studies). In 2018 & 2019, he won the 1st runner up and 2nd runner up in Concerto […]

Torkashvand Majid

Alto, Tenor, soprano, baritone saxophone player Date of birth: 1974 Occupation: civil engineer Artist of the Jupiter World Company   Skills and background: Learning saxophone playing with well-known instructor, Mr. Parviz Shahbazi. Cooperating with famous Iranian pop singers for about 27 years and playing with about 36 singers and artists which is still continuing.   […]

AP3 Profile Series Mouthpiece for Alto Saxophone

An instinctive extension of the air column with a natural fluidity between all registers and an infinite palette of colors. V•12 and V21 reeds are particularly recommended for these mouthpieces.

Castillo Dianelys

Master in Music, graduated from the Simon Bolivar University, from the class of Maestro Luis Rossi, (Venezuela 2015). Bachelor of Arts in Music, graduated with the highest honors at the University of the Arts of Cuba, under the guidance of Maestro Vicente Monterrey. Winner of the Golden Prize of the April Spring Festival (Korea, 2009 […]

Saxophone V BECK DELUXE Straps (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone)

ergonomically designed to provide the greatest amount of support without creating stress and fatigue to the neck and back. Wide smooth leather and microfiber neck pad, reinforced with a silicone and shape memory foam protection piece, optimizes the comfort allowing the player to perform without pain.

Alto saxophone reed trimmer

The Vandoren Reed trimmer repairs damaged tips and increases the strength of your reeds with ease. Adjustable and precise, it utilizes the same blades we use in our factory to create a consistent, clean cut every time. Now damaged reeds can perform like new again. Different reed-trimmer models are available depending on the shape characteristics […]