JUNO reeds now available all over the world

Vandoren has always been committed to every level of performance. Offering a wide range of products for musicians in every level of learning to the finest professional.

This is why we created the JUNO reed, specially designed to give those musicians starting to play the clarinet or saxophone the opportunity to have a beautiful sound from the moment they make their first sounds.

The Vandoren JUNO reed is made in our factory in France, from the same cane, using the same techniques and with the same passion as every other Vandoren reed model, thus respecting the same supérieure quality standards.

The JUNO reed:

– Characterized by a distinctive sound and great ease of emission. The playing comfort it offers has already made it the reed choice of many musicians in the countries where it has been already distributed.

– Offers consistent playing quality and great homogeneity. It adapts to the needs of musicians from all backgrounds.

– Is characterized by a quick sound response; promotes a natural sound, it can be used by musicians of all levels.