New High Density Ebonite

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High Density Ebonite, what is it?

HD ebonite is a high density ebonite of musical quality produced exclusively for Vandoren. This material is the fruit of years of Vandoren’s research and development. 

Its physical properties re-enforce the natural acoustic qualities of our standard ebonite while optimizing the playing experience and player’s sensation.
– The projection is excellent
– The sound is fullbodied and rich throughout the entire range of the clarinet
– Articulation is easy and precise
– The musician has greater control and comfort regardless of the dynamic

The HD ebonite is 100% of natural origin and certified non toxic, adhering to the strict Directive Européenne EU2009/48/EC, annex II, partie III, like all standard ebonite of musical quality used by Vandoren for nearly a century.

New Bb clarinet mouthpiece: the BD6 HD

The Black Diamond BD6 HD mouthpiece is the first one available in this material.

It enables to hear the natural sound of the clarinet, with a round and rich timbre.

The musician will benefit from an unparalleled ease of playing. These sound and playing characterictics are enhanced by the acoustic qualities of the HD ebonite.

Tip opening: 121.5 (1/100mm)
Facing length: medium
Product reference : CM1006HD

This mouthpiece is available in 13 series too (400 Hz pitch, product reference CM1406HD).