M30 LYRE Bb clarinet mouthpiece

The opinion of the Vandoren experts

Similar to the 5RV Lyre but with a larger tip opening and longer facing, it guarantees flexibility and roundness. This mouthpiece has an exceptional quality of sound.

1/100 mm
Facing length
CM3001 (Single Mouthpiece)
Traditional Beak
CM30018 (Single Mouthpiece)
Profile 88 beak
CM40018 (Single Mouthpiece)
13 Series with Profile 88 beak
beak and pitch

The difference between “Profile 88” and Traditional mouthpieces is in the exterior angle of the beak. Therefore, the musician is free to choose the model which suits their purpose in terms of best playing position, easiest sound projection, greatest playing comfort, and the most controllable and precise articulation.

Vandoren has developed the “13 series” mouthpiece specifically for American clarinetists using A440 pitch.
Originally, four models have been originally developed with specific facings to this series:
the M13, M13 Lyre, M15 and M30 mouthpieces.
The “13 series” range also encompasses other models (traditional facings): 5RV, 5RV Lyre, B45, B40, B40 Lyre and M30 Lyre.