Gusto Saxophone Quartet


“An accomplished, enthusiastic, broad-minded young saxophone quartet with an incredible sound and style” – Jean-Patrick Besingrand, composer/ PHD candidate (CUNY) and adjunct lecturer (Baruch College).

“Gusto’s performances of works by composers at the 15th Thailand International Composition Festival (TICF) were animated and full of vitality—certainly they stand out as one of the most promising young ensembles of contemporary music in Southeast Asia today.” – Dr. Jason Thorpe Buchanan, Fulbright, Gaudeamus, and Embassy of Foreign Artists commissioned composer.

Focusing towards new music, Gusto Saxophone Quartet is one of the most dedicated saxophone quartet towards contemporary music in Southeast Asia. Gusto Saxophone Quartet was founded in 2017 by the students from College of Music, Mahidol University saxophone studio.
As an active performer, they have performed in many occasions and events throughout the years, such as the 14th Thailand International Composition Festival (TICF) 2018, the Chiang Mai Ginastera International Music Festival and Competition 2018, the 1st Thailand Saxophone Day 2018, the Thailand International Wind Symphony Competition 2019, the 1st Yamaha Single Reed Festival 2019, 15th Thailand International Composition Festival (TICF), the 2019 Singapore Saxophone Symposium, the Indonesian Orchestra and Ensemble Festival (IOEF) 2019, the 2019 2nd Asia Saxophone Congress, the Thailand International Wind Symphony Competition 2020.

As a committed ensemble towards new music and contemporary music, they have had worked and commissioned pieces with international and acclaimed composers such as JeanPatrick Besingrand (USA/France), Chudalux Pinan (Thai), Chawin Temsittichok (Thai), Waris Sukontapatipark (Thai), and many more.

Gusto Saxophone Quartet was also coached and mentored by international distinguished artists and professors such as the H2 quartet, Dr. Chen Kwan Kin from Eastman School of Music, New York, United States of America and Prof. Shyen Lee, and much more.

Currently, Gusto Saxophone Quartet is a Yamaha artist (Thailand).